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Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Search Engines Value in 2007
By Johnnie Martin

Viral advertising is a very useful tool in marketing your Website, Software, Landing page, or basically anything you want to advertise over a period of time, there are various ways to Viral Advertise, I personally use E-books in a PDF format because PDF formatted files can be read by all Systems, another way is to use Feeds, this is where you link your Website to other Websites producing Back Links, you can Link to a multitude of other Website by giving them a Feed that originates on your Website to display on their Websites and as such Back Linking to your Website.

In this article we are going to concentrate on the Feeds that produce Back Links because they are not only advertising something (could be an Article) but because they can be Viral in nature.

The more Websites your Site is Linked to with a Back Link the more your Site is noticed when a Search Engine��s Robot passes over your site.

The more links you have the better your Site is Ranked by the Search Engines, basically your Search Engine Visibility increase, as such your Ranking increases, you get more Hits, the more Hits the more Sales, the more Sales the bigger your Email List gets.

If at the same time your Back Link, promotes itself ie: the Feed can be collected from your Site and pasted into an other Website, then that Feed becomes Viral in nature and self perpetuating, the final result being you increase your Ranking with Search Engines.

All very circular Ranking, Hits, Sales, the higher the ranking the more hits, the more hits the more your Feeds get copied and pasted on to more Websites, the more Websites the higher up the Ranking you go producing more Feeds being Copied an Pasted onto more and more websites and so on round on a big circle.

If in turn your Feed is selling something or even giving it away you are getting both halves of the cake, Search Engine Visibility and Hits to your Website etc.etc.

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Regards Jack

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